Man shot near Michigan Avenue off Wacker Drive

A man was shot downtown Monday afternoon just south of the Chicago River near Michigan Avenue, police said.

The 33-year-old man shot near Garland Court and Lower Wacker Place just about drove to Northwestern Memorial Hospital for treatment of a gunshot wound to the stomach, police said. He was in good condition Monday evening, and was not cooperating with investigators, according to police.

The shooting happened just before 3 p.m. in the 200 block of North Garland Court, which is close to the Hard Rock Hotel sits, and East Wacker Place and South Water Street. Chicago Police squad cars were used to block off intersections along the lower level of areas heavily populated by hotels and tourists. Traffic was light, and there wasn’t a queue of vehicles, despite the closures.

A man standing near the scene of the shooting said he heard "a handful" of gunshots, which he further clarified was four or five "pops." The man didn’t want his name used because he had been at work.

A woman smoking a cigarette across on the corner of Lake Street and Garland court huddled in a doorway to get away from the rain. She kept peering at the red and blue lights at the Garland entrance to the lower level.

Two men had been shot on July 10, 2017, one fatally wounded in Gresham and a second man was shot in the stomach just south of the Chicago River near Michigan Avenue.

About an hour before while she was in a meeting with her coworkers on the 7th floor she heard about five popping noises. She looked at her coworkers and said, "Was that a gun shot?"

The group looked outside their window on Lake Street.

"No one looked too alarmed so we thought it was a bed from a dump truck dropping," she said.

The shooting happened near a luxury apartment building, the Broken English Taco Pub and one of the city’s newest additions, the Nutella Cafe. As detectives investigated, four officers walked back and forth keeping cars and people from entering Garland; nearby, red crime-scene tape snaked around pillars supporting Upper Wacker Place. A few passersby on the upper bridge stopped to look down at the flashing police lights before losing interest in the static scene below and continuing on their way.

All the officers and detectives packed up by about 4:45 p.m.

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