Time 4 Machine promises to bring us back to an age of metal and clockwork

The tinging of tiny hammers from the heart of Dwarf Mountains may now be lost to the mists of time but you, my friend, can still make magically complex metallic contrivances in the comfort of your own barrow/home. I point to Time 4 Machine, a selection of metal models made the creator of the wooden uGears, Denis Okhrimenko.

The models range from a table hockey set with moving players to a working cabriolet with gearbox, drive train, and spring-powered engine. You put these models together yourself and each one costs between $50 and $95. The series even includes an old-timey tank that looks like a British Mark V and a Mysterious Clock that keeps time.

Okhrimenko has shipped models before and these are just some of his latest creations. The kits are reminiscent of stuff my father used to put together as a kid and they come with all the pieces and assembly instructions.

“I moved from wooden 3D puzzles to metal mechanical models, and created something totally new,” said Okhrimenko. These things aren’t high-tech on the surface but the process of creating so many metal parts and fitting them together is something even those Dwarven metal mongers could never imagine.

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